I am passionate about searching for and photographing mammals, herps, and other fauna in their natural habitat. about-photo1 I’m especially interested in rare, low density species, and I have a few images which I consider the best available of the species depicted (such as Pohle’s Fruit Bat, Gould’s Shortwing, Sombre Pigeon, and Western Mountain Coati). Most of my photos come from my travel abroad, mostly to South America and Asia so far. I plan to branch out more in the future, as well as take more photos from near my home in the eastern US. I travel independently and without guides whenever possible. Feel free to contact me if you want information on where to look for any of the species I’ve photographed.

I currently use a 300 f4 IS USM lens with a 1.4x teleconverter for my night-time photos, a 400 f4 DO II lens for daytime shots, and a 100mm f2.8 macro lens for herps and insects. My older galleries were taken with a Canon Rebel t2i and a 70-300 lens.

If you’d like to use or print any of my photos, please contact me. I generally share my photos free of charge for projects whose primary focus is conservation or academic research. A fee is required to use my images in other contexts.

about-photo2Tremarctos is the genus of bears containing only the Andean Bear. The Andean Bear is restricted to montane forests and grasslands in South America. It is the most herbivorous of the bears, with bromeliads making up a large portion its diet. The Bear is very difficult to observe, except at a couple sites where it can be seen with some effort. I saw two of these rare animals on my second trip to Ecuador in 2013. The photos I obtained weren’t the best (I never got closer than 500 meters), but there are not that many photos of this species in its natural environment. I plan to return in the future for better views and photographs.